Musée Belgrade City - Serbia

ProjeCt Title: 4 X Elements
Year: 2016


Four artists

They have come from the four corners of the world.
A country has brought them together: France.
They have a common goal: to share.
They practice four distinct art disciplines.
In Spring 2016 they took possession of some of the Belgrade City Museum’s magnificent spaces, appropriating the vast rooms, dialoguing with their surrounding spaces and sharing their artist’s visions with the Belgrade public.


4 x ELEMENTS presents

Diana Brennan, textile artist and designer, from Australia and France
Edith Meusnier, textile and environmental artist from France
Michiko Seki, ceramic artist, from Japan and France
Mira Spadijer, contemporary jewelry.

They have a shared experience of living and working in France, which has most certainly attuned their vision and probably influenced their work. Their diverse artistic approaches and their French "connection" have brought them together, where the
infinitesimally small and the infinitely large dialoguing with the Belgrade City Museum...


15th through to the 24 April 2016
Muzej grada Beograda / Belgrade City Museum - Serbia

Version française

Elles sont quatre.
Diana Brennan, artiste et designer textile -  Australie et France
Edith Meusnier, textile and artiste environmental - France
Michiko Seki, artiste céramique - Japon et France
Mira Spadijer, bijoux contemporains.

Elles pratiquent toutes des disciplines artistiques différentes.
Elles viennent des quatre coins du Monde.
Un pays les a réunies : la France.
Une idée en commun: le partage.

Elles ont découvert un espace inattendu à Belgrade que chacune a investi à sa façon. 


Du 15 au 24 avril 2016
Muzej grada Beograda / Belgrade City Museum - Serbia